Relationships between adult children and aging parents are not always easy. As parents age, adult children can feel overwhelmed with worry and added responsibilities. When seniors can no longer live alone safely, families must discuss the options. Should adult children move their aging parents into the home? What are the pros and cons of making such a decision?

What Seems Right May Not Be Right

Adult children often feel pressured to take care of their aging parents. After all, they took care of you. With so many senior living options, is moving an elderly parent into the home the right decision? 

Many adult children move elderly parents into their homes because they feel it is the right thing to do in the situation. They do not want to let their parents down and may feel guilty about placing them in a senior living community

The Pros and Cons of Moving Aging Parents Into Your Home

Living with elderly parents is not for everyone. The situation can cause a range of emotions that wreak havoc on an adult child’s peace of mind. Providing support for seniors becomes a full-time job. Some are equipped to handle it well, and others feel overwhelmed. Examining the pros and cons below will help seniors and their families decide on residency and what is right for them. 

Spending Time Together as a Family

Spending time together as a family is essential, but many adult children live in a constant state of guilt because they never have time. Moving aging parents into the home allows everyone to spend ample quality time together. 

Some families find their relationships become strained after moving in together. Seniors may be set in their ways and unhappy about following rules from their adult children. Adult children and their families may feel like their privacy is gone. These are things to consider before moving elderly parents into a home. 

Increased Responsibility on the Shoulders of Children

Some people do not realize how much work is required when taking care of elderly parents. If the parents have health issues or cognitive decline, the shouldered responsibilities become compounded. These responsibilities can bring great stress and cause adult children to feel overwhelmed. 

If adult children decide to move their elderly parents into the home, getting outside help is beneficial. Respite care gives caregivers a break and allows them to rest. 

The Added Expense Can Become Stressful

Although moving aging parents into the home saves them money, it increases the expense of adult children. Most families will spend around $5,000 extra a year, but this number can go up if there are serious health issues. Are you prepared for this increase in costs? The added food, medications, medical supplies, and transportation needs can add up quickly. 

Adult Children Can Help Their Aging Parents

One of the most significant benefits of moving your parents into the home is offering them assistance. Even if they are independent, aging parents could use an extra hand with certain tasks. Having them close to you will encourage them to be more willing to ask for help. 

It is easier for adult children to go with their parents to the doctor or ensure they take medications on time. Adult children will find it easier to interact with their parent’s care team and become an integral part of making health decisions. 

Moving Them in Offers Familiarity

Seniors prefer the familiar over changes. Moving them out of their homes is a big change, but surrounding them with family makes the adjustment easier to bear. On the other hand, familiar surroundings do not always bring comfort, especially if the senior is experiencing cognitive declines and has bouts of confusion. 

Take Time to Decide

When it comes to deciding between moving aging parents into the home or seeking a community with memory care, making a decision takes time. Seniors and their families should weigh the pros and cons carefully. 

Rushing the process is unwise. Research the communities and options available. Learn about the amenities offered by each one. Tour various communities to get to know the staff and learn about the services. Ensure the community will meet the needs of the seniors. 

In the end, families need to discuss the options in-depth and take everyone’s thoughts into consideration. Make the senior a significant part of the decision process. 

Summerfield of Stockton is a beautiful community that fosters good physical, mental, and emotional health in seniors. Our amenities include in-house religious services, secure neighborhoods, family dining, and in-house doctor visits. We take great pride in providing seniors with a safe and secure place to call home.