As people get older, changes take place. Some people remain “sharp as a tack” into their 90s and beyond, while others become forgetful or suffer memory loss and cognitive impairment. Other senior citizens suffer from debilitating conditions and diseases that affect their mobility. All of these aging problems have an impact on senior citizens’ ability to stay in their beloved homes and live independently.

What Are the Causes of Memory Loss and Forgetfulness?

A senior citizen might worry about memory loss and forgetfulness. Is what they are experiencing normal and age-related, or is something more serious going on? There are differences between normal and age-related forgetfulness and a serious problem with memory. The best way to find out is to seek a family doctor’s advice. They can do some simple memory tests and ask a few questions to determine how serious a memory issue is.

If memory loss and forgetfulness make it hard or even dangerous to live alone, seniors can seek senior housing options that include memory care for seniors. There are even communities that offer independent living options for mild problems and have the ability to increase services and care as memory loss or cognitive abilities become more problematic.

Some signs that a decline in cognitive ability or memory loss is serious and it is time to talk to a health professional include the following.

  • Ask the same questions multiple times.
  • Getting turned around and lost in familiar places
  • Finding it difficult to follow recipes or directions
  • Experiencing confusion concerning people, time, and places
  • Having problems with personal care, such as forgetting to eat, not bathing or taking care of personal hygiene, or behaving in unsafe ways
  • Losing things more often than before
  • Missing important appointments or events
  • Having trouble coming up with needed words or names more than other people the same age.

There are multiple causes of memory loss that a doctor can sort out. There are mild, age-related memory loss, mild cognitive impairment, dementia such as with Alzheimer’s or other conditions, and other forms of memory loss or cognitive decline.

Some things that cause memory loss can be treated. Some forms of memory loss can be reversed. It all depends on the cause. Some memory loss causes include:

  • Medications
  • Head trauma or injury or emotional disorders
  • Sleep apnea that is not treated
  • Hypothyroidism, brain diseases, or a vitamin B-12 deficiency
  • Chronic alcoholism

A doctor can determine the causes with careful screening. There may be ways to stop the damage or even reverse memory loss to some extent.

When is it Time to Consider Moving to a Senior Housing Community that Offers Memory Care?

It is often hard for a senior person to decide to move into a senior care community. Family members might have to intervene and help them make a decision. It is hard to leave a home and community that are familiar and comfortable. But, when living alone becomes dangerous to a person, and when they become unable to properly take care of themselves, it is time for a move. Moving to a senior living community can be a positive thing when they offer needed support for seniors.

To help a senior citizen with the decision to move, do a little research to find a choice of senior living options that seem right for a loved one. There are organizations that help seniors find appropriate senior living communities within their price ranges and needs. They can inform the senior or their family about funding options. California has a wide range of senior living communities at different costs.

One important way to help a senior make the transition is to make the move easier. Help them have a moving sale to get rid of unneeded belongings, deal with a real estate agent, and sell their house. Family members can meet with the seniors and decide what items can be given to different family members or charities. Then, help with the moving process by visiting the new living space and determining which personal items will fit.

Point out the advantages of moving to a senior living community, including prepared meals, laundry services, housekeeping help, transportation, medical help, and social activities. Residents will have an opportunity to make new friends and attend social functions for enjoyment.

About Summerfield in Stockton

Summerfield in Stockton, California, is the gold standard in memory care. Our whole community is dedicated to helping seniors with memory issues live the best lives possible in comfort and safety. We offer a wide range of services designed to meet each resident’s special needs, and all of the services are included in the monthly rent residents pay. You can find out more by contacting our community with questions and arranging a personal tour.