Summerfield of Stockton was truly a blessing to our family. When it became time to move my mom into a facility with a higher level of care, the stress was enormous surrounding this decision. The staff at Summerfield of Stockton were kind and supportive. They helped us make a quick and relatively painless transition. They went above and beyond to make my mother feel at home from the minute she stepped foot through their door. Leslie and Peggy were a joy to work with. Any concern that I had they were quick to address and worked to find a compromise for all. We received regular updates from the nurses and staff on my mom’s condition. As her health declined, I was able to transition my mom right to hospice care while maintaining an environment and people that she had grown to know and love. My husband and I are both physicians and we truly could not recommend this facility with any higher regards. They put so much time and effort into caring for our loved ones when we are no longer able to provide care safely.

Alecia Russell

When my mother in law was diagnosed I looked for a facility that would have different levels of care so that as the disease progressed she would be able to remain at one location. Summerfield of Stockton has provided an engaging day program when she was independent which included painting, holiday celebrations, games, socialization, and memory focused activities. Summerfield of Stockton is now providing her with the best live in care. Everyone is so friendly and caring. Peggy Massey and Leslie Anderson as well as the receptionists, nurse, and all other staff I’ve encountered are always so welcoming. Not only have they done everything to help my mother in law adjust but Peggy and Leslie have been so understanding and kind to us as we adjust. I never feel like a burden when calling to ask questions or to check in on how my mother in law is doing. Moving a loved one into a care facility is a difficult decision but we know that she is receiving the best care. She is happy, active, socializing, and well groomed. Summerfield of Stockton has allowed us to step back from the stress of being the primary caregivers so that we can focus on enjoying our time with her. We are so thankful to everyone at Summerfield of Stockton for the great care they are providing my mother in law and the peace of mind they are providing us.

Karen Ferguson

Summerfield of Stockton actually has a wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable staff from their Concierge Sumera, their med tech Sukhi, their LVN’s Liz & Hansel, their Marketing Director Peggy and their Executive Director, Lesley. They are geared towards providing excellent care and tailored fit to their residents and their families. Finding a great memory care unit for a special loved one is tough, but Summerfield of Stockton can help you provide the best level of care, with their compassionate staff/nurses, you can rest assure that your loved ones will be in great hands. They’re called a 5-star for a reason 😉

Josephine Suzara

My Mother was living in assisted living until I noticed she needed more attention due to her dementia getting worse. I have friends that had their parents at Summerfield of Stockton and were quite pleased with the care. After meeting with Peggy and Leslie and careful consideration, I decided to move my Mother into Summerfield of Stockton. It was the best decision for my Mother. I noticed a difference in my Mother because she was receiving more attention with prompting and queuing, I really think she felt better about herself since dementia is a frustrating experience. The caregivers and nursing staff are kind and compassionate. My Mother never misses a day in the activity room, they have so much fun. I am glad I made the decision to move my Mother to Summerfield of Stockton.

Somi Jacob

My Father has been at Summerfield of Stocktone for a little over two years now. We have experienced normal life at Summerfield of Stockton and the pandemic life there also. The care at Summerfield of Stockton is kind and compassionate not only toward the residents but it is felt by the family also. During this difficult COVID time, I feel the staff has gone above and beyond to continue good physical and mental health and still remain distanced and safe. The staff has been able to keep us connected with their Sunshine visits and when we are unable to visit, we can FaceTime and Zoom. We are kept informed every week with updates so we know how Summerfield of Stockton is dealing with this pandemic, after all protocol changes often with the virus. I know my Father is in good hands and this is where he needs to be at this time in his life.

A happy Daughter

Roberta Peters

The decision to place my Mother in memory care was a difficult one. We were the family that promised to keep her at home. But as the Alzheimer’s disease worsened, it was too hard to care for our Mother. Summerfield of Stockton showed us the personal care and activity schedule and how busy our Mother would be and the opportunity to be social again. Leslie and Peggy made the transition from home to Summerfield of Stockton easier than we imagined. Mom loves the food and the nursing and care staff are very compassionate. We love seeing photos of Mom and how she is spending her days. We miss the being there often before Covid but we are happy that we receive regular updates and safe visits at this time. Sometimes we zoom with our Mom if we can’t make a visit. We are very pleased our Mom is at Summerfield of Stockton and doing well.

Cameron Glenn

If there were a+ on the rating for Summerfield of Stockton, I would add that too. Take away your guilt for placing your loved one here, they treat them as their own. They are kind, loving and efficient. The place never smells and the meals are well planned and presented as a top restaurant. I could never say enough about how wonderful this place and the people providing care are.

Carolyn Abbott

My partner has been in the Day Program at Summerfield of Stockton for over a year. The first day or two he was reluctant to return. Ever since he is happy to go even 5 or 6 days a week. The staff is terrific! Everyone from the aides to the director greets him with a smile and by name. When I walk him back to the activity room one of the staff comes over, takes his hand and tells him how happy she is that he came that day. He doesn’t participate in all of the activities, but there is tremendous variety every day. I feel he gets physical activities and some mental stimulation. I can’t say enough good things about Summerfield of Stockton.

Leslie Oliver

A few months ago my husband and I found ourselves taking care of his brother. His daughter died suddenly and she had been his caregiver. She was so young, nobody expected this would happen. My husband’s brother has dementia and is unable to care for himself. He was so lost and spent most of his day sitting in a chair, watching TV. We decided we needed to find a better place for him. We were so lucky to find Summerfield of Stockton. Peggy, Leslie and everyone we met there were so friendly and welcoming. Seeing my brother-in-law now, living in Summerfield of Stockton, is so nice. He participates in the activities, always has a smile on his face and is so much happier. Thank you Peggy Massey for all of your help. We would recommend Summerfield of Stockton to anyone looking for a home for a loved one with Dementia.

Dawn Villalobos

In November 2017 I was looking for a Alzheimer’s Facility for my mother. I live in Montana and my mother lives in Lodi, California. I looked on the internet not really knowing what to expect or who to call. I came across Summerfield of Stockton. I looked at their website, picked up the phone and called them. I talked to the nicest person at Summerfield of Stockton. Her name is Peggy Massey. I told her my situation with my mother and asked her if there was anyway to get my mother into their facility. She told me that they were full but she would look into some options. Peggy called me back and told me they had made room for my mother and would be glad to accept her into Summerfield of Stockton. Now understand, Peggy Massey never met me but she went above and beyond to get my mother a room in their facility. This is the kind of people that are working at Summerfield of Stockton. People that care about your situation and go the extra mile to help you. My mother is getting excellent care and I have Peggy Massey and Leslie Anderson to thank for that. The best decision I ever made for my mother was to put her into Summerfield of Stockton.


The love and care is unbelievable. So thankful for Summerfield Memory Care and all their staff. Especially Leslie.

Marie Cudney

I can’t say enough good things about Summerfield! The nurses, caregivers, staff – everyone is SO helpful – which is so important as you navigate a very stressful time.

Stacy Erickson

My father is in Summerfield Memory Care of Stockton. It’s a very nice community. The staff has been very nice, very thoughtful, and very caring. Everybody seems to be very engaged in their work and it’s a place where people are well taken care of and comfortable. His room is nice and functional. It’s not luxurious or anything, but it’s comfortable and it serves their purpose, which is to give him a place to sleep and to rest, not a place to hang around all day, but they shouldn’t be doing that, which is good. The entire facility is a memory care center. They only take memory care patients. They have bingo, games, I’ve seen exercise stretching, and they have music-related activities or people will come to perform. It’s a decent variety. Everything right now is great. The facility is very nice. It’s not a luxurious place. It’s not designed to be that. It’s designed to make people be comfortable and live the end of their life in hopefully a positive way. It’s in what I call the affordable range. I don’t want to give the impression that this can be palatial, absolutely beautiful, or things are sparkling, it’s not, but that’s not the point of the place. It’s priced at a rate that makes people comfortable, yet it’s not causing as much as other places that are twice as much. The activities seem fun and people are enjoying them. I’ve been just impressed with the staff. They’re engaged in their work. They want to make sure their residents are happy and they know them. Even though the place has 50 to 60 residents, they know them and they’re caring for them. To me, that’s evident the times I’ve been there. It’s not just going from duty to duty. I’ve met numerous people who’ve been there over 10 years or longer, which to me says something.

Happy Client

Summerfield of Stockton was the site of my friend, Sandra Rossi’s death this past Thursday evening. As her trustee, I had researched various senior living facilities and settled on Summerfield. Sandy Lived at Summerfield starting in 2017. She was treated with unwavering respect, courtesy, and dignity throughout her time there. Leslie Anderson, the Director, never failed to keep me informed, to answer questions and to manage a staff that understood what compassionate care involves.

While I am saddened by Sandy’s death, I am indebted to Leslie and the other staff at Summerfield for treating Sandy with the care and attention she needed. I just wanted you to know what a difference Summerfield made in Sandy’s life, and my own.

Happy Client

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