As people grow older, they are more likely to develop dementia. Dementia is an umbrella term that speaks of many memory loss conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease. As people progress in their diseases, they often cannot live alone. Those with dementia may be unable to maintain a home or handle their responsibilities. For these people, there are residential care communities. These communities provide a home-like environment that allows residents to maintain their residences and receive the integrative care they need daily. 

Unfortunately, there are many myths revolving around senior living options. Believing these myths prevents seniors and their loved ones from seeking integrative care. Dispelling the myths is critical for helping those with dementia get the residential care they need. 

What Are the Myths About Senior Care?

As people search for options for seniors with dementia, they must learn about the facts. The following are the myths, followed by the facts so seniors and their loved ones can decide for themselves about care. 

This Care Is Way Too Expensive

One of the most common myths about living in a senior living community is the expense. Yes, these communities are more expensive than other options, but many seniors and their loved ones find them attainable after comparing the costs of maintaining a household, buying food, and preparing for daily expenses. 

Seniors and their loved ones are encouraged to look at their budgets. Consider the insurance policies, savings, and assets to determine a good fit for care. There are many options available for budgets of all sizes.

The Food Selections Are Bland

As people consider moving into a community for memory services, they may worry about the food. Bland cafeteria food is no longer served at the best residential communities. These communities hire gourmet chefs that meet the dietary and taste needs of each individual. Just like with residential care, there should be no cookie-cutter approach to serving food in residential communities. Many people who move into these communities are amazed at the restaurant quality of the food. 

Seniors Will Find It Challenging to Make Friends

Some seniors worry about having no friends in a senior community. They may worry about leaving their friends and family behind. Seniors need to know they can have visitors any time they like. Senior residents will also discover there are many other residents that will happily develop lasting friendships. Seniors will never have to feel a sense of loneliness with so many socialization options available daily. 

Seniors Will Stay Bored

A lot of people believe the misconception that states seniors sit around all day playing bingo or never leaving their residences. Although some people enjoy games of bingo or cards, that does not mean there are no other choices. Seniors will be amazed at the activities available. There is always a full calendar of activities to enjoy, including shopping adventures and tours. Seniors will never have to worry about becoming bored in assisted living homes. There are simply too many things to enjoy. 

Seniors Will Be Too Confined

Some seniors mistakenly think they will be in a nursing-home-like environment. Seniors have their own residences and can decorate them as they please. They are welcome to have visitors when they want and are free to travel as they please because staff members provide transportation. There is no confinement, though there are safety protocols put into place to protect those with diminishing memory so they do not harm themselves or others. 

Seniors Should Stay at Home

Some people think it is best for seniors to receive care from family. Unfortunately, not everyone is equipped to provide the integrative care seniors with dementia require. Sometimes, seniors are safer in a community that allows them freedom while giving them 24/7 care. Families must survey the options to determine the best choice.

Start Researching the Options

Now that the myths are dispelled, seniors and their loved ones should feel compelled to look into their options for memory care. There is no one size fits all approach to residency. 

Seniors with dementia and their loved ones will find great relief with these housing options. The beautiful communities are safe and conducive to good physical, mental, and emotional health. Get started now to find the perfect option. 


At Summerfield of Stockton, we believe in taking an integrative approach to providing care for our beloved senior residents. Here, residents find a loving home-like environment that allows them to explore the world around them, make friends, and enjoy exciting activities conducive to keeping good physical, mental, and emotional health.