When seniors face cognitive declines, they can sometimes no longer live safely alone. Entering memory care living is one of the best ways for seniors to continue to live as independently as possible without danger. When seniors move into these communities, they need the support of family members. Receiving support and encouragement from family can go a long way toward helping seniors better cope with their changing living arrangements. 

How Can Loved Ones Support Seniors?

The transition to memory care living is not always easy for seniors. Although it is exciting to move into a new community, seniors face mounting stress over the prospect, especially in the beginning. The following offers tips to help families support senior loved ones as they move into memory care and grow accustomed to their new surroundings. 

Stay In Contact

Frequent contact is critical for seniors who have moved into memory care living. The phone calls, letters, cards, and visits should never stop no matter how long a senior has been living in the new community. 

Seniors need to know their families still care. Seniors that stay in contact with family members stay healthier and happier than those who do not. It is important to schedule visits with senior loved ones and show up for surprise visits. Make sure to inquire with staff members regarding the best visiting times. Here are a few unique ideas for staying in contact with loved ones living in a senior living community

  • Call the senior on the way home from work each day for a short chat. 
  • Send special gifts just because. 
  • Schedule video chats with the senior loved one with different family members and friends. 
  • Schedule family meetings to ensure everyone is on board. 
  • Use a photo-sharing app to share their lives with senior loved ones. 
  • Write an encouraging letter and include a special memento that will make the senior smile. 
  • Send the senior a special flower arrangement. 
  • Pick up a copy of the community calendar to stay abreast of what the senior is up to each day. 

In-Person Visits Are a Must

Although seniors are surrounded by new friends and staff members, they can still feel lonely in a new environment. Loved ones must visit seniors who are living in memory care in Stockton, CA. It is important to learn about the visitation schedule of the community. Most communities are willing to accommodate visits from loved ones. 

Loved ones should plan on visiting as frequently as possible. While daily visits are not necessary, visiting at least once a week or more is helpful. Seniors need to know their loved ones will be there for them often. It is important to have a schedule to go by so that seniors can look forward to spending time with loved ones regularly. 

When it is not possible to meet with a senior in person, virtual visitations are welcome. A virtual visit is the next best thing for helping seniors stay close to their loved ones. 

Helpful Tips for Supporting Senior Loved Ones

When seniors move into a community, they are often excited but also nervous. There are so many changes that it can be overwhelming for seniors who are accustomed to being around friends and family. 

  • Get to know staff members to ensure the senior is receiving the level of support they need. 
  • Make the senior loved one feel an important part of decision-making. Consult the senior before making major changes to their care. 
  • Take on an active role in the socialization of the senior. Get involved in activities where family members are allowed to participate. 
  • There are now more advances in technology to help seniors than ever before. Using this advanced technology can help families support seniors in new and innovative ways.
  • Practicing mindful communication is essential. Effective communication means talking on the level of the senior and enunciating clearly. Never talk down to seniors or try to talk to them like a child. 
  • Educating themselves on the latest advances in elder care is essential for loved ones. Staying abreast of the changes in care and working with staff members will ensure seniors receive the intervention they need for living healthy lives. 

Making a concerted effort to help seniors acclimate to their new surroundings will make the process much easier. Getting involved from the beginning and staying involved is the best way to offer support. 

Here at Summerfield of Stockton, we provide a safe and enriching atmosphere that helps seniors live their best lives. Our elegantly furnished senior living community offers 56 memory care suites, and our staff provides 24/7 care for all residents.