Summerfield of Stockton continues to find ways to improve the lives of residents while ensuring family members remain informed about their loved ones. One way the senior living center accomplishes this is through the use of Sagely. What does Sagely do to increase engagement while providing loved ones with peace of mind?


This technology allows the neighborhood to share activities so seniors don’t miss out on any fun. Seniors need to socialize regularly, and the community calendar allows residents to see all activities in one place. They then choose which ones they want to take part in. In fact, research shows individuals who live surrounded by others remain more mobile and undergo regular health screenings than seniors who live alone with nobody around to support them. The addition of the calendar ensures seniors residing at Summerfield of Stockton never miss out on an activity they would enjoy.


Residents also want to be informed about things going on in the neighborhood, and Sagely ensures they have this information with the help of newsletters. Family members also receive these newsletters, so they know what is going on in the lives of their loved ones. This provides the family with peace of mind when they cannot be present for any reason. Family members remain informed and can reach out to the community if they have questions or concerns about things taking place in the neighborhood.

Touchtown TV and In-Room Channel

The neighborhood may also use television to communicate with residents. This allows seniors to get information in a timely manner and in a way that is familiar to them. Although text messages and emails serve as excellent ways to communicate today, and most seniors use these communication methods, a senior might not check their phone or email regularly. Television serves as an excellent way to share health information, information about upcoming events and activities, and more with everyone living in the neighborhood.

Resident App

A resident app makes it easy for those living at Summerfield of Stockton to connect with others. While some residents won’t feel comfortable using the app, many people find it is a great way to engage with others who live in the neighborhood. As the app is easy to use, a person finds they can learn how to navigate it with little assistance. It provides another way for residents to engage, and each resident chooses the method they are most comfortable with.

Family App

The family app works much as the resident app does. It allows family members to stay connected to their loved ones, regardless of the distance between them. Family members find this app provides them with peace of mind, as they would love to be present with the senior at all times. Unfortunately, life prevents this in many situations, and the app serves as the next best thing. Families appreciate the many features of Sagely, including the well-being assessments.

Well-being Assessments

Communities use Sagely to conduct well-being assessments of residents and share this information with families. This feature tracks and measures the well-being of each resident so staff members can make adjustments to optimize each person’s overall wellness. When a senior’s well-being is optimized, their overall quality of life improves.

Additional Features

Sagely allows residents to check in using a kiosk so resident participation can be tracked. The staff receives insights regarding what works and what doesn’t and can run reports to obtain more information about resident engagement. Data becomes of great help in improving the neighborhood and its offerings. Sagely makes it easy to collect this data and analyze it to improve the lives of all who live in the neighborhood.

Sagely serves as one of many ways Summerfield at Stockton works to improve the lives of residents. A person shouldn’t stop enjoying life because they suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Families shouldn’t worry about their loved ones who need memory care either. With the help of this technology, seniors enjoy life more and families have peace, knowing their loved ones are receiving the highest level of care. That’s what everyone wants in life and Summerfield of Stockton provides it.

About Summerfield of Stockton:

Due to America’s aging population, memory care communities continue to increase in importance. However, these communities differ in terms of their offerings, and families need to consider this when choosing where their loved ones should live. Summerfield of Stockton offers features such as Sagely to ensure residents’ needs are met and families receive comfort knowing their loved ones are receiving the highest level of care.