Ensuring elderly parents have what they need and are safe can seem overwhelming for children. As people grow older, they can begin to suffer cognitive declines that make it difficult for them to care for themselves. Knowing the signs of problems is essential so individuals will know when their elderly parents require memory care services.

Checking on the Elderly Is Important

When visiting the elderly, children and other family members can check in on their wellbeing and ensure they have all they need. Unfortunately, many seniors do not have anyone to care for their needs. Some seniors are too proud to ask for help. By checking on the elderly, family members can begin to look for clues that intervention may be necessary.

Perform an ADL Assessment

An ADL assessment is important for addressing activities of daily living to ensure the elderly are aptly taking care of themselves. This assessment checks the following daily living tasks to ensure they are being carried out correctly.

  • Eating
  • Dressing
  • Toileting
  • Personal grooming
  • Transportation and mobility

Signs to Look for That Mean an Elderly Person Is Struggling With Their Care

Whenever children visit their elderly parents, there are some things they should look for to ensure there are no issues that need to be addressed. If issues are occurring, it may be time to consider some type of living assistance community that would help seniors get the daily care they need.

  • If an elderly person is normally organized and now has piles of unopened mail, this could be a warning sign. Before jumping to conclusions, individuals need to first ask why the mail is not being opened. Piles of unopened mail can sometimes be a sign of mental decline.
  • Check to see if there is any damage to the parents’ car or their garage door. New dents and damage could signal the elderly couple is beginning to suffer driving difficulties. It may help for the children to ride with their elderly parents and see how they drive.
  • Individuals also need to check the appearance of their elderly parents. How is their personal grooming? Do they look and smell nice? Are they wearing clean clothes that match? If issues are present and accompanied by others, it may be time to see if intervention is necessary.
  • If the parents have a pet, it is important to check the appearance and health of the animal. Does it look well taken care of and fed? Are there any signs of neglect? If any signs of problems are discovered, it may be time to seek help for the sake of the parents and their pets.
  • Is the parent’s home clean? If the parents are normally fairly neat and their home suddenly looks dirty and not well maintained, this is a sign that should not be ignored. Find out if there are health issues or physical limitations that are preventing the elderly parents from taking care of their home chores.
  • Do the fridge and pantry seem well-stocked? If elderly parents seem to be lacking food, it is important to ask why. The parents could be struggling with purchasing food or making meals. Are they eating out? These issues need to be addressed immediately. It may be that the parents need senior living options.
  • Are the parents taking their daily medications? It is important to check behind them and do a pill count. Children should familiarize themselves with the medications of their elderly parents and the side effects so they can be prepared to help if there are issues. If issues are occurring, the elderly person may need memory care services.
  • Do the parents seem to be suffering from any mood swings or personality changes? If so, these are red flags that could signal there is a cognitive decline occurring. Getting to the bottom of the reasons for changes in behavior and personality is essential.

If children of elderly parents notice any of the above, it is important they investigate the reasons for the issues. Ignoring them could place the elderly parents in danger. Talking with the parents and doing a little snooping will help children to learn more about what is going on with their parents and the care they are providing for themselves.

Discover More Information

Worrying over elderly parents can be troublesome for children. If a person notices any of the above, it may be time to think about getting outside help for their care. Taking time to find the right community is important.

Summerfield of Stockton is committed to providing a safe and lively environment for seniors who need assistance with their daily care. They work to promote good health, happiness, and security.