Seniors need encouragement to help them cope with life changes. As their lives transform dramatically after retirement and beyond, seniors sometimes no longer feel important to others. A senior may even feel as if they lack purpose. Thankfully, it is not overly difficult to help seniors remain encouraged. In a memory care community, seniors receive the mental stimulation and socialization they need for enjoying their lives.

Words of Encouragement Are Critical For Seniors

According to the Centers for Disease Control, around 20% of seniors in America face mental health concerns. Cognitive declines often lead to anxiety and depression because a senior may not know how to cope with the changes in their lives. Getting help from a senior living community is life-changing for seniors.

It is important to note that suicide rates continue to rise among seniors. Men over the age of 85 are more likely to commit suicide. Even those who do not have a mental health disorder can struggle with their emotions. Helping seniors focus on being grateful in life can do wonders for their happiness and feelings of being needed.

Help Seniors Reflect on the Good in Their Lives

Reflecting on the good in their lives can help seniors learn to cope with life changes that can sometimes become challenging. People should encourage seniors to focus on the following.

  • Family and friendships
  • Career accomplishments and success
  • Personal achievements in their hobbies like sports and music
  • Positive memories regarding vacations and leisurely activities

For some seniors, the above does not lead to feelings of encouragement. A senior may feel melancholy because they no longer have the same friends and have lost touch with family members. Seniors may also find it difficult to separate their current selves from their past. Even with assisted living in Stockton, CA, seniors still need family and friends to remain involved in their lives.

Convey a Positive Message to Seniors

Seniors appreciate spoken encouragement and want to be told they are loved, valued, and needed. It is essential to vary the words of encouragement to ensure they do not become monotonous to the senior.

Tangible messages are also appreciated. Notes, cards, postcards, and pictures all help seniors remember they are valued when days are challenging. With positive messages, seniors are more likely to remain optimistic.

Five Ways to Encourage Seniors Now

  • One of the most important ways to encourage seniors and help them stay motivated is to assist them with goal-setting. Setting goals is essential for those suffering from cognitive declines. By setting attainable goals, seniors will experience a higher level of self-motivation and pride. Offering seniors encouragement at each step in the process will help them become successful at meeting their goals.
  • Making sure a senior keeps their self-identity is challenging in the aging process. The elderly often feel overwhelmed and even forgotten as they age. People need to remember seniors were once young. Encouraging them to remember their life accomplishments and relationships will help seniors feel encouraged over their accomplishments. Help them remember by surrounding them with photos, notes, and cards.
  • Encouraging social interaction online is highly beneficial for seniors. Seniors often feel isolated. Although social media cannot replace interactions face to face, it can help seniors meet new friends and stay in touch with loved ones. It is vital family and caregivers remain patient with seniors to help them discover new technology.
  • Getting seniors involved in decisions is helpful. Many seniors have vast knowledge they want to share but feel like no one cares what they have to say. Asking seniors for advice and guidance makes them feel wanted and appreciated. Simply asking for a senior’s opinion can go a long way toward making them feel useful.
  • Teaching seniors to cope is also critical for their happiness and wellbeing. Seniors go through many changes that sometimes feel overwhelming. Loved ones and caregivers of seniors need to allow them to remain as independent as possible while getting involved as necessary.

Get Started Helping Seniors Today

Seniors often feel overlooked and underloved. When seniors do not receive encouragement regularly, they can begin to experience breakdowns. Now is an excellent time to begin encouraging a senior to live their best life. A little encouragement goes a long way toward helping seniors better manage their emotions and learn necessary coping skills. With these, seniors will find life less challenging and more fulfilling.

Here at Summerfield of Stockton, we take great pride in the beautiful community we have developed for seniors. We provide 56 memory care suites that are elegantly furnished and offer the height of comfort and support to seniors.