As people age, they often suffer from cognitive decline and conditions like dementia. When entering an assisted living community, people expect a certain level of care, including treatment options conducive to protecting cognitive function. When seeking a community, families need to look for ones that offer therapy options for residents. Therapy is a vital part of providing care for dementia sufferers for many reasons. 

Why Is Therapy Such a Crucial Part of Dementia Treatment?

Therapy addresses the many issues dementia sufferers face while living in an assisted living community. The following offers insight into the benefits that can help seniors transition to a new way of life without so much stress. 

  • As people move from being independent to being more carefully monitored. They can often face high levels of stress that may lead to depression, anxiety, and even aggressiveness. Therapy helps identify the underlying causes of changes in behavior and addresses them with key interventions. When receiving memory care, therapy should become an integral aspect of treatment. 
  • Declines in health are common as people age, especially if they have certain conditions, such as dementia. Because seniors cannot always voice their needs, staff members must be trained to recognize signs of problems and offer solutions. Therapy seeks to monitor seniors for any changes in their health, no matter how minor. In senior living, this form of therapy is vital for protecting the health of residents. 
  • At present, there are over one million people residing in assisted living homes. The vast majority of these people need therapy to help them with at least one daily task. With therapy in place, those living in assisted living homes will receive the integral care they need to function as independently as possible. 
  • Therapy promotes wellness for everyone, not just those residents who are ill or debilitated. Wellness promotion is essential for helping the community as a whole to remain healthy and strong. 
  • Therapy is also beneficial for people with dementia because it seeks to focus on the person rather than their disease. By getting help from therapists, individuals and their loved ones will better understand the behavioral differences that occur as a result of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia

Why Is Physical Therapy So Essential in Assisted Living?

Assisted living communities provide an array of services for their residents. One of the highly valuable services is physical therapy. Physical therapy becomes increasingly critical for seniors for many reasons, including the following. 

  • Seniors who struggle with mobility can face declines in their cognitive function and emotional well-being. Physical therapy helps seniors remain mobile, allowing them to live more independently than they would if confined to a wheelchair or bed. 
  • Physical therapy helps reduce the risks of injuries and the development of joint disorders. Seniors who remain mobile are less likely to experience health issues like pressure sores and ulcers. Blood clots are also reduced with physical therapy. 
  • This form of therapy also helps seniors who are recovering from surgery or injuries. Studies have proven seniors heal much more rapidly when they receive ongoing and integrative physical therapy as soon as possible after surgery or an injury. 
  • Maintaining muscle strength and exercising promotes good overall health, including a healthy heart. Because seniors require specialized care, they must be monitored carefully for overstrain injuries that can sometimes occur as a result of physical therapy. 
  • No one wants to give up their independence. With physical therapy, seniors will feel more independent because they are strong enough to perform tasks without aid. Physical therapy improves the way seniors carry out a variety of tasks, including dressing, using the bathroom, and bathing. 
  • It is essential seniors’ quality of life is protected at all times. Physical therapy keeps seniors engaged physically, mentally, and emotionally, allowing them to retain a better quality of life than they would alone. 

Take Time to Learn About the Options

When researching the options for assisted living, individuals need to explore and compare communities. It is essential families visit each community and inquire about the types of therapy available to residents. Selecting assisted living options that offer therapy to each resident is essential for ensuring dementia sufferers receive the consummate care they require for their conditions, no matter the type of dementia. 

Here at Summerfield of Stockton, we take great pride in providing a blossoming community that is full of amenities and incorporates specialized care for those living with dementia. We provide occupational and physical therapy groups to our residents to help them cope with life changes as they enter our community and throughout their residency.